Training Workout Sessions

Dreams In Motion Sports and the North Carolina Basketball Academy’s training provides complete instructions on all aspects of the game.  We work with children of all age groups and skill levels.  We believe that the only way a player can achieve significant and lasting improvement on the basketball court is through focused training.

Experienced and comprehensive teaching provides the tools for improvement.  Our staff gives leadership, expertise and support to athletes who simply want to become better players.


We conduct shooting drills to help each player develop a better understanding of their shot. We break the whole process down from fingertips to toes. This gives each player the ability to analyze their shot and bring up their percentages.

Offensive Works:

Players learn offensive drills to help with their footwork and shooting, which gives them the knowledge to explode to the basket. Players learn to surprise the opponent’s defensive man and play off their weaknesses by utilizing footwork and shooting ability.

Defensive Stance and Movement:

How to compete on defense against strong offensive players.